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We make choosing your carpet easy

Elegant, comfortable and beautifully tactile, carpet never goes out of style. Renowned for its superior noise reducing and insulating qualities, today’s carpet lets you create a home of real distinction. Complement a neutral style with contemporary colour furnishings, rugs or signature pieces. Or make a dramatic style statement with a vivid colour or pattern. So versatile, so durable, and yours to love for years to come.

Whether you choose the decadence of a plush pile, or a hardwearing and complementary loop pile, the perfect choice of carpet can allow you to showcase your style of interior decorating. Practical benefits include superior noise reduction and insulation, helping you transform the warmth and feel of your home. Come in store and let our expert advice help you select the best carpet for your space and lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for the comfort of traditional wool or the convenience of modern synthetics, we have got you covered. We’ll also help you decide between the different carpe styles.You can compare samples and discuss ideas with your sales consultant, and take as long as you like.

Carpet is the foundation of your decorating. It can enhance a room with casual simplicity, or create a showcase for formal elegance. The style and colour selection is so vast, you can find carpet to complement any decor.

Most carpets may look the same and may use different fibres but the greatest indicator in buying quality is the density of the carpet. The greater the density = the higher the durability of the carpet. It’s as simple as that! A greater density carpet will not wear out as quickly or show walking or vacuum cleaner marks than a thinner carpet would.

Regular, but simple vacuuming, quick attention to spills and professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months is all it takes to keep up appearances. In the cold weather, carpet retains warm air and in the heat, it stays cooler. It’s a great non-slick walking surface that prevents slips and falls. It ensures that seniors and toddlers find sure footing. Carpet absorbs sound within a room and acts as a sound barrier between floors.